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Create events

Everything you need to manage and host your events.

  • Intuitive Creation Steps
  • Physical & Digital Events
  • POAP & NFTs Integration
  • Drag & Drop Images
  • Add Social Networks

Mint tickets

Creating NFT tickets has never been so easy.

  • Drop Your Design
  • Define Supply
  • Assign Price
  • Decide If It's Resellable Or Not
  • Fanz Takes Care Of Mint Cost

Track everything

Monitor sales and resales, analyze customers behavior, forecast future sales, and more.

  • Revenue Analytics
  • Assistance Percentage
  • Advanced Charts
  • Complete Sales History

Discover events

Purchase your NFT ticket using crypto or FIAT in a few clicks.

  • Events All Over The World
  • Fraud-Free NFT Tickets
  • Pay Using Crypto or FIAT

Earn from ticket resales

Now, the resale is allowed and controlled by the organizers.

  • List Your Tickets
  • Find Low Price Opportunities
  • Buy Directly From Others
  • Move Freely

Entrance validation

Scan a QR and access the event.

  • Seamless User Interaction
  • Immediate Ticket Verification
  • Fraud-Free validation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any question?

Who are we?
We are the world's leading NFT event ticketing platform. We've built a dApp for event management and ticketing, everything is done securely using NFTs.
Why manage tickets as NFTs?
Having tickets as NFTs provides many advantages, such as:
- Fraud Free Resell and Trading
- Tickets Sync With Blockchain Address
- Royalties To Organizers On Each Trade
- The possibility of trading an event ticket post event because of the attached value
- Tickets seen as collectibles
- Native Integrations with metaverses
How is this different to regular day ticketing?
Our platform is based on Web3 technologies. Using blockchain and NFTs let us transform event memorabilia into unique limited collectibles, prevent ticketing fraud, reduce ticket costs, increase organizer's profits, and connect with the metaverse world.
Nowadays people can use standard ticketing platforms but they are still losing a lot of the benefits we will bring to the table.
How much does Fanz cost?
Fanz is currently free to use if you want to host or attend a free event. Paid events have a 5% commission on each ticket sale and a 2.5% commission on each resale.
Who can create an event?
Anyone can create an event using a wallet or a Gmail account.
Fanz works the same for wallet or mail users, although, under the hood, the mail users have generated wallet that is controlled by Fanz. This helps the onboarding of new users. Later, users can decide to take all their assets to any wallet.
Who pays for the minting of NFTs on free events?
Fanz pays for all transactions regarding free events.
On what blockchain will Fanz run?
Fanz runs on the Polygon blockchain. When necessary, we will become multi-chain.
Which metaverses are you planning on working with?
For the moment, we are working only with Decentraland. We would love to expand to others too.